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liberals- all cops are problematic uwu




  • Reclaim gendered slurs if they do not identify as women
  • Reclaim trans slurs if they do not identify as trans
  • Reclaim gay slurs if they identify as straight
  • Appropriate PoC cultures if they are not a member of those cultures


Anonymous asked: #stopcody2k14

I´m not sure how sarcastic this is but I´m more into #I´mntevengonnawastemytimewithCody2k14

or any of his apologist friends

Y´all would be a lot edgier and more of an angsty trend with your ¨making fun of people for caring and giving shit to kids for trying to be respectful¨ if it wasn´t what literally every other piece of shit human being does consistently everywhere you go.

You could at least be a little original.

White people are consistently the fucken worst

and somehow this still surprises me

Look, the Pie!
Ancient proverb for defusing tense family situations (via shakeitallout) ←




i think a lot of people on the internet who say they’re queer/trans do that because it’s trendy and pretty much makes you immune to internet hate because no one wants to seem intolerant. also i know several white people who claim to be POC for the same reason. everyone wants to be an oddball. like how everyone says they’re depressed or have OCD or anxiety issues. this website is full of retards trying to pretend to be oddballs and play the social justice card to seem unique when really you’re mostly just a bunch of faggots playing around on the macbooks your parents bought you. go outside and jog or something. go to the grocery store and listen to some racists talk about how their mexican lawncare providers didn’t cut their hedges properly. go to the bar and listen to some drunk girl publicly talking about how she got raped as a kid (without putting a trigger warning on her rant!holy shit!). internet is bullshit and this website is a safehaven for a bunch of fucking idiots and i fucking hate it i fucking hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it also vegans go fuck yourselves honestly you’re not making a goddamn difference

Yeah no but fuck this shit

Like I can get part of the feeling and I don´t agree with a lot of the crap that goes down on here and I KNOW I am guilty of a lot of that shit too but fuck this Cody

Some people may be playing shit out but a lot of kids come on here and online to get away from all that real life shit. to get away from shit that reminds them of how they were abused or beat the fuck out of or even just simple things like being completely shit at talking to people

Fuck off telling people to just get over it. If you´re 20-something yeah sure, you probably want to face your shit but there are 15 year old kids that stay up all night thinking if their father would beat the shit out of them if he found out they liked dudes and you´re fucking calling em a faggot and to just go outside?

This is some entitled ass bullshit. If people want to live sheltered that´s their prerogative and their problem.

You´re better than this. Or at least I thought you were.

they should just get over it and so should you. it’s important that the 15 year olds know that there aren’t trigger warnings in real life and things aren’t all peachy in the world. i said nothing about people who are actually queer nor did i say “if you like dudes you are a faggot who should go outside.” 

stop being a pussy or at the very least go do it on someone else’s post

Yeah no I knew I shouldn´t have expected more from a straight white fucken 20 something y.o gringo that needs to whine about how kids should do as he says.

Go grab another bottle and keep being a resentful royal prick man, hope you enjoy it. 

To be honest one of my favorite things about Nick is how we can switch between Spanish and English mid conversation totally casually.

If you were a real allies you´d buy me coffee and oj


Car window blow dry



At least I’m not a white boy

Uhm, Ryan?